In the introductory videos for the Bertone Mantide, designer Jason Castriota says "There's a reason we introduced the car here," in Shanghai -- and the performance of the Shanghai Motor Show appears to justify that kind of thinking for nearly every automaker there. The show was physically larger than the last one (two years ago), with 600,000 people arrived to view the gleaming wares of 918 cars (602 of them from China) and 582 component makers from all over the world.

Nor did the show skimp on the financial numbers as well: Lifan took $170 million in international orders for its MINI-derived Lifan 320 (pictured), Bentley 15 cars -- including all of its display vehicles -- and expected to close several more deals after the show closed its doors, and Rolls-Royce moved 18 models. China's economy may not be burn like a supernova anymore, but there is still plenty of heat left in it.

[Source: Gasgoo]

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