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Imagine for a moment that you are an artificially intelligent computer system with plans to kill off all humanity in a post apocalyptic future. Got it? If you were to pattern your two-wheeled robotic progeny after an individual motorcycle design, what would you choose? The answer, at least according to Terminator Salvation director McG (yes, that's really the name he goes by), is the Ducati Hypermotard.

We can't really fault the choice of the hooligan Hypermotard as the bike to shoot pre-processed scenes of motorcycling mayhem, as the naked bike is more than capable of supporting the kind of stunt riding necessary to shoot the film.

Here's something we could do without, however: In one of the corniest lines we've heard in a good long time, McG seems to channel his inner Schwarzenegger, saying, "The bikes came through like champions... and terminated the competition!" Seriously, was that really necessary? See the footage after the break.

[Source: Ducati]


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