Yesterday we showed you the Top 10 Greatest Pontiacs Of All Time. Coming up with 10 great Pontiacs was both fun and easy, as the brand is responsible for some of the best muscle cars ever made. During its heyday, Pontiac was so good that the entire brand won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award three times. Unfortunately, the oil embargo ruined Pontiac's fun, and "Driving Excitement" was converted into a ragtag collection of badge-engineered mediocrity.

While we're still nostalgic about the dying Pontiac brand, we decided to augment our original list with the Top 10 Worst Pontiacs Of All Time. There were plenty of models from which to choose, and we managed to remember the least loved Pontiac of all time: the Aztek. Click below to check out our list (in no particular order), and make sure to add your least favorite Pontiac in the comments.

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