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With gloved white fingers pointing in their direction, Geely Automobile is in full denial of British accusations. The independent Chinese automaker, which rolled out its luxurious GE model bearing more than slight resemblance to the Rolls-Royce Phantom at the Shanghai Motor Show, seems rather unconcerned. "As it were, they are actually different ... people may feel they are the same at the first glance, but the details are certainly different," Geely spokeswoman Zhang Xiaoshu told AFP.

Keep telling that to the good blokes at Rolls-Royce who are considering legal action against Geely. To most observers in the industry, the production-bound Chinese GE concept clearly borrows the Rolls signature grill, down-sloping rear deck, and the Flying Lady mascot. Unlike the Phantom, the Chinese variant is set to hit the market at a sliver of the cost of the exclusive Rolls. While imitation is often considered the most sincere form of flattery, the British evidently aren't cracking so much as a smile.

[Source: Drive]

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