Fenders Optional: Irmscher rocks out with range of new 7s

European tuner Irmscher is branching out from Opels and Cadillacs if its latest project is any indication. The German outfit is marketing a new minimalist line of Irmscher 7 roadsters that begins with potent and peaks with outrageous. The basic, Lotus 7-esque naturally-aspirated model turns out 150 hp -- a healthy number when the car only weighs 1,650 pounds. On top of that are three turbocharged models fitted with Opel's 2.0-liter four-cylinder with outputs ranging from 210 to 284 hp, with the range-topper getting you to 60 mph in about four seconds.

The Irmscher 7 comes with a waterproof top, a custom suspension and, for those wide of beam, Irmscher says the "broad, long chassis is suitable for larger drivers." But you'll need an equally wide bank account to get one: the 210 hp model retails for €55,900 ($72,337 US), the price of the 284 hp beast is "auf Anfrage," which is German for "if you have to ask..."

[Source: Irmscher (translated)]

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