Zero S electric motorcycle - Click above for a high-res gallery

Our friends over at Engadget managed to snag some seat time on the new Zero S electric motorcycle, and their initial impressions are rather favorable. While it's 60-mile range and 60 mph top speed will surely serve to limit its usefulness for a large portion of riders, those that can live with those limitations will be rewarded with a nearly silent, zero-emissions machine that's capable of scooting to that maximum speed in just about five seconds.

Another point that shouldn't go unmentioned is the bike's extreme light weight. Coming in at just 225 pounds, the Zero S weighs about 75 pounds less than competing gas-powered supermoto bikes like the Yamaha WR250X. Coupled to an electric motor that puts out 62.5 lb-ft of torque right from 0 RPM, the Zero S is sure to be plenty of fun in the tight confines of a race track... or the streets of New York City, apparently.

Problems? A few, naturally. Engadget notes that the brakes might be a little undersized for the bike's accelerative capabilities and the plastics leave a little to be desired. The biggest drawback may be the price, which, at around $10,000, is a few thousand dollars over its gas-swilling siblings.

[Source: Engadget]

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