It's a story that's befitting of a James Bond plotline. Possibly disgruntled after being let go by Ferrari-Maserati of Fort Lauderdale-Long Island, former employees Giacomo Ciaccia, Leka Vuksanaj, and Michael Lussos started up a firm of their own called Universal Autosports, LLC. Still dealing with high end exotics at their new Koenigsegg showroom, the intrigue started for the trio when they used their prior knowledge of email accounts for Ferrari-Maserati's operation to start siphoning off the firm's emails and injecting themselves into potential deals, trying to swipe customers from their former employer.

Eventually, someone at Ferrari-Maserati noticed that emails were being forwarded to an unauthorized account, giving Universal Autosports access to information about customers, salaries, and cars at Ferrari-Maserati. Naturally, charges have been leveled, and the three alleged conspirators are out on bond while this unusual corporate espionage case works its way through the legal system. Thanks for the tip, Maciej.

[Source: Bloomberg, Photo: Universal Autosports]

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