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When Great Wall Motors first presented their all-electric KULLA last year, the vehicle sported the same colors as the KULLA just unwrapped at the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show, but was a slightly geeky two-door affair. We suspect that in the intervening time the diminutive EV grew tired of bullies kicking sand in its face and, after spending some quality time with the Charles Atlas program, has returned to show the world its bigger and more attractive new look.

Keeping its bamboo-leaf-and-bubbles-inspired paint job, but now sporting four doors and four seats, the GW KULLA carries enough lithium ion batteries under its new metal to take on 100 mile drives. The DC motor is good for 50 kW and can move the car up to 80 mph. No word whether the show model will be made available for sale but the company does refer to it on their web site as, "An absolute value for mass production."

[Source: Autoblog China / China Car Times]

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