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What may have started off as a Mercedes-Benz CLS clone quickly evolved into something slightly more original – assuming you view it from the front or rear. The Great Wall CHC011 is quite a departure for the Chinese automaker, primarily known for low-cost trucks and SUVs in its home market. In addition to going with an alphanumeric name that's all the rage in the west (bear in mind, this is the same company that gave us such gems as the Coolbear, Gwkulla and Socool) the CHC011 takes the popular "four-door coupe" aesthetic, throws in some highly stylized head- and tail-lamps, and adds a 3.0-liter V6, six-speed automatic transmission, adaptive cruise control, electronic stability control, eight air bags and a ten-way adjustable driver's seat. And with "executive seating" in the rear, you'll easy forget about the poorly proportioned wheels GW pilfered from Discount Tire.

[Source: Autoblog Chinese]

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