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News of Britain's freshly announced £250 million ($369.4 million) incentive program for plug-in hybrids and electric cars has gotten Bee Automobiles buzzing. They're so excited about the rebate and infrastructure plan that could see the cost of environmentally-friendlier cars reduced by £5,000 ($7,389.02) that they've decided to spill a few beans about their first planned vehicular offering, the Bee One. Designed as a second vehicle for two-car households, the all-electric is a 4-seat, 5-door affair that should offer spritely acceleration and a top speed of 80 mph.

Conceived as an electric from the get-go, the Bee One's batteries should propel it for about 200 miles on a charge and will be exchangeable and, therefore, easily upgradeable. Plans call for the lightweight green car to employ smart-charging technology, which will see it use off-peak and low-carbon sources of electricity to energize itself. The company intends to introduce the car the same year that the incentive program goes into effect, 2011, and are ambitiously targeting an pre-incentive price of a mere £12,000 ($17,733.64).

[Source: Bee Automobiles]

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