Lamborghini Reventon hits 222 mph: Click above to watch the video.

The Lamborghini Reventon is a very rare bird, indeed. There are only 20 copies in existence, and the asking price for the king of Lambos is a cool $1.4 million. For that kind of coin, owners have every right to expect world-class speed, but few will ever test the raging bull's ridiculous limits.

Admittedly, we now know for sure that one Reventon owner in Saudi Arabia has explored his Lamborghini's top end, though,and we have the video to prove it. Hit the jump to watch the Lamborghini Reventon as it reaches a top speed of 222 mph. The video is lousy and the camera stays fixated on the digital speedometer, but it's worth a watch if only for the reality that is road travel at 356 kmh. Hat tip to Ben!

[Source: YouTube]

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