Our friend Ben over at EcoModder told us recently about an unusual conversion that was being discussed on the forums there: converting an old Geo Metro to hybrid drive. Yes, you read that right. What was originally an efficient little people mover (and, last year, a much-lusted-after ride) is transforming into a hybrid vehicle at the hands of EcoModder user Coyote X. The original goal: add electric drive to the vehicle for under $5,000 and with roughly 500 lbs. worth of stuff in order to go five minutes at 35 mph on EV power. The conversation that led to the creation of this vehicle can be found in this thread, which started last October.
Recently, the car made a successful test drive, and you can see a video of that after the jump. This conversion project is in the running for EcoModder's mod of the month. See the competition and cast your vote here. More details on the car here.

[Source: EcoModder]

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