Monster Cable is nothing if not aggressive. The company rabidly peddles overpriced wiring products to purchasers incapable of analysis, and Monster Cable is just as obnoxious about suing everything in sight that uses "Monster" in its name. What kind of copyright infringement might Monster Mini Golf be foisting upon a company that charges way too much for wire that offers dubious, if any, performance advantage? While the issue with Monster Mini Golf has been settled, Monster Cable is now going after another totally unrelated business. While the company says it's over any issues with Monster Transmission of Florida, the shop says the story is not yet over. While Monster Cable seems bent on copyrighting the word "Monster," the businesses they're harassing are engaged in actual commerce, some even building class-leading products, you know, like the type Monster claims it makes (and charges for). We're off to stock up on lamp cord to hand out as part of an overpriced interconnect recovery package.

[Source: Engadget]

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