FAIL: Multi-level Parking in NYC

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We saw plenty of these multi-level parking structures during our trip to NYC this past week, and even commented on how their space efficiency would work well in our own cities where giant parking garages dominate the landscape. Perhaps we spoke too soon.

Autoblog reader Mel spotted this scene just around the corner from the Jacob Javits Center where the 2009 New York Auto Show is being held. The multi-level steel parking structure evidently failed, sending a Lexus GS sliding down on top of a Land Rover and the front end of an also-raised Honda Accord. The kicker? A 1998 Chrysler Town and Country and older Camry sit just outside the frame unscathed. The Ford Edge that just happened to be parked on the right (both figuratively and literally) side of the structure was reportedly inaccessible by its owner despite not playing a part in this mess. Whoever was in charge apparently felt the whole thing might go at any minute. You know what, New York? Us smaller cities will keep our concrete parking garages, thank you very much. Thanks for the tip, Mel!

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