Got a spare €4.5M? One-off Rolls-Royce Hyperion by Pininfarina up for sale

2008 Rolls-Royce Hyperion by Pininfarina - Click above for a hi-res gallery

In an ideal world, who wouldn't want to have a distinguished coachbuilder like Pininfarina create their own unique Rolls-Royce cabrio? Unfortunately, an ideal world this is not, and most of us don't have those kinds of resources at our disposal. "Most of us" apparently now includes the customer that commissioned the one-off Rolls-Royce Hyperion in the first place.

The custom Roller was commissioned by an unnamed client, and was unveiled at last year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Less than a year later, the Hyperion is now up for sale for a cool €4.5 million (about $6 million in American funds). The one-off creation is based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe – already one of the most exclusive set of wheels on the road – and was treated to unique Pininfarina bodywork, doing away with the rear seats and moving the windshield back by 400 mm (15 inches) in the process. The staggering purchase price includes the custom dash-docking wristwatch created by Girard-Perregaux to accompany the unique vehicle, in case you've got the cash and needed extra motivation. Follow the link for more information on the sale, and check out the images in the galleries below for more hi-res photos. Thanks to Ecnelis and Colin for the tippage!

UPDATE: We've just spoken with Fredrik Karlberg, the Operations Manager for JamesList, who wanted to clarify the listing for the Hyperion concept that appeared on JamesList. According to Karlberg, the lister is not selling the actual show car that made its debut in Pebble Beach last year. Instead, it's a series of body panels that will adapt a R-R DropHead coupe to look like the sinewy concept.

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