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In Europe, you can get a Chevrolet for less money than some scooters. In fact, the price is lower than even the Tata Nano is expected to get when it's on sale in Europe: Starting with an MRSP of about €10,000, the price can be dropped to €2,900 with various incentives (for those of you in Lombardy, Italy, anyway). Part of these incentives are due to the LPG (Liquiefied Petroleum Gas) conversion kit. The car is a Chevrolet Matiz, soon to be replaced by the local version of the Spark, and this is how the numbers break down: there's a €1,500 discount from Italy's scrapping plan, €2,000 for purchasing a LPG vehicle, €800 direct from Chevrolet, and €3,000 from the Lombardy region to stimulate the purchase of new cars. And, if the Matiz is too small, you can get an Aveo for about €4,400.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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