UPDATE: We just got off the phone with Andrea Hales, GM Bowling Green Assembly Communications manager, who informed us that while there will be six weeks of down time from now until the end of June, the plant actually has about 600 workers and they will continue to build 11 Corvettes per hour, not eight.

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Two years ago, the Chevrolet Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky housed 1,000 workers – that number is now down to 400. In order to align production with demand, those workers that remain will reportedly be getting much more time off as General Motors is idling the plant for two weeks every month for the next four months.

The pace of production is also being reset, from 11 cars an hour down to eight. Chevrolet sold half as many Corvettes in February of 2009 as it did the year previously, and sales are down 54% this year, from 4,086 for the first two months of 2008 versus 1,869 in 2009 over the same period. As the Bowling Green UAW local secretary said, the rest of them "are just worried if we will be here next week." Hat tip to Alex

[Source: Courier-Journal]

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