Click above for a high-res image gallery of the CAF-E from Tim Cameron Designs

Motorcycle designer Tim Cameron has designed a new motorcycle called the CAF-E that relies on a hybrid drivetrain that he says is similar in principle to the Hybrid Synergy Drive that powers the Toyota Prius. The internal combustion engine is a parallel-twin design that gets extra juice from an electric supercharger. We're not certain that adding an electric supercharger would be a better use for the battery's added oomph, but it's an interesting concept in any case.

That engine is mated up to an electric motor through an electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission that sends power to the rear wheel through a shaft drive. A large 180V lithium ion battery pack sits low in the chassis, likely for optimal weight distribution. At least one of Cameron's past designs has already gone into production, so the CAF-E is probably worth keeping an eye out for in the future.

[Source: Tim Cameron Design via Faster and Faster]

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