Last week, rumors regarding an upcoming eco-friendly small car from IKEA hit the internet in full force. Sounds pretty crazy, no? As it turns out, the truth is much less interesting than we had hoped. It seems the viral ad campaign that we saw last week for the IKEA Leko is announcing nothing more than a new car-sharing service in France that's set for a proper introduction on Tuesday. A similar program is already available at IKEA locations in Austria.

According to Isabelle Cremoux-Mirgalet, a spokesperson for the Swedish furniture maker, a total of 26 IKEA locations in France will take part in the venture, which was created in conjunction with France's ride-sharing Web site So far, there's no indication that the service will be launched in any other markets, but it sure would make it easier to haul the company's flat-packable wares home, right?

[Source: New York Times via Jalopnik]

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