A company called Auto EV Japan is planning to release a new electric scooter this May in Japan. A number of different versions of the Scarpina will be offered, including models with both 2 and 3 wheels. It appears as if the three-wheeled units use a suspension design very similar to the one that debuted years ago on the Honda Gyro with the twin set of wheels at the rear, not at the front as on newer designs such as the Piaggio MP3.

The frame of the Scarpina uses a set of metal tubes bent into a half-circle, which serve to support the steering head, floorboards, seat and rear storage area. A 600W model is suitable for riders that only hold a motorized bicycle license in Japan while more powerful 1000W two-wheeled models will require a motorcycle license. Apparently, nothing more than a standard automotive license is required for the 1000W three-wheeler, which is also available with a makeshift roof.

Lithium ion batteries are sourced from Thunder Sky in China and reportedly meet the necessary safety requirements to be sold in the U.S. Depending on the model, the range is between 30 and 50 miles per charge, but we're not sure what the top speed is. We're also not sure if the company has plans to sell the Scarpina outside of Japan.

[Source: Tech On via Scootering USA]

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