The Top Gear we know and love includes hordes of outlandishly expensive exotic and luxury cars that we could never afford. Lamborghini and Ferrari will still be represented for Series 13, but if rumors are true, the BBC boys are going to dedicate more air time to the everyday cars that the rest of us drive, and less time with costly stunts like the one seen above. Executive Producer Andy Wilman is shooting for fuel efficient, affordable transportation in light of the global recession. Series 13 was originally planning for a road trip including a Lambo and a Porsche, but instead the excursion will include more sedate transportation like the Toyota iQ. That doesn't sound very exciting, but we have faith in Top Gear to make their episodes equally entertaining... after all, we've seen what they can do with a Chevrolet Lacetti.

Top Gear should grip on recessionary economics because even the wildly popular series has been struck by it themselves. The show has received a sizable 30% budget cut for Series 13; a move that show producers say will be evident in the final product. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

[Source: Telegraph | Image: Shaun Curry/Getty]

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