Zurich, Switzerland is the latest city to hook up with the Renault Nissan alliance for the promotion of electric vehicle infrastructure. Zurich and its municipal electric utility, ewz, will investigate what it will take to make widespread use of EVs viable in the city and region. A public meeting will be held on March 23 as part of the "Zurich 2025" mobility and energy forum.
ewz wants to be a pioneer in developing cooperation between the utility and transportation sectors. Part of that is likely to include a network of public charging stations similar to what Renault Nissan is promoting in other countries, both with and without Better Place involvement.

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Zürich, Switzerland (March 16, 2009) - ewz (the municipal electric utility for the city of Zurich) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Renault-Nissan Alliance to promote electric vehicles. The aim is to develop zero emission mobility in Switzerland.

At the start of the year, ewz signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Renault Nissan Alliance in order to develop its expertise in the electrification of cars. Giving priority to ecological mobility will cut pollutant emissions. Plug-in rechargeable hybrid vehicles and electric cars are efficient from an energy standpoint and also cut CO2 emissions by up to 25% depending on the type of current used.

"With mobility too, we're aiming for a 2000-watt society," said Zurich city councillor Andres Türler. On March 23, 2009 Andres Türler and Professor Lino Guzzella from the ETH institute of technology will meet to discuss the possibilities and limits of electric vehicles in the city of Zurich – now and in the future. This public event will be part of "Zurich 2025", a forum on energy and mobility.

"We are particularly pleased to have established a partnership with Zurich. The city's active efforts to promote zero emission mobility is a major step forwards. Our close cooperation with ewz, the municipal electric utility, gives us the best base possible to develop the framework conditions that will be essential for this new era of mobility", said Eric Nicolas, Senior Vice President of Nissan International S.A.

Until now, synergies were rare between the electricity supply sector and the transport sector. ewz aims to be a pioneer in this constantly evolving interface. It is expected that plans will be made to open public recharging stations. The increased demand for electricity would lead to significant changes in Switzerland's electric economy and infrastructure. At the same time, the Alliance partners are keen to break down barriers in the political sphere and in society to promote more energy-efficient forms of individual mobility. Incentives are planned to reinforce
the acceptability of electric cars and electromobiles.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance aims to play a key role in the debate on zero emission mobility. It has already set up partnerships with France, Denmark, Israel, Portugal, three US states and, in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture and the city of Yokohama.

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