With a daily torrent of difficult and unflattering news about the domestic auto industry flowing out of media outlets everywhere (Autoblog included), many General Motors dealers are crying out for a national advertising campaign to stem the tide of negativity.
Critical dealers suggest that the automaker is back on its heels instead of "going out swinging," and many are calling for a positive ad message like the "Keep America Rolling" campaign that GM rolled out after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. That initiative, you may recall, began a long-running string of zero-interest financing that helped pull sales back out of the dumpster, although critics would suggest that the latter took a toll on both brand equity and resale value.

Back in September, GM did play up their centennial with blustery talk of being ready to lead for the next 100 years, but dealer feedback would seem to suggest that exactly this sort of confident messaging has largely disappeared from GM advertisements, at least on a corporate level. More recently, it launched a Facts and Fiction website in an effort to dispel rumors about its operations.

[Source: AdAge]

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