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We're big fans of R/C cars here at Autoblog, but we obviously love actually driving vehicles, as well. 3Z Scale has what might be the marriage of our two passions with its Bulldog R/C Rider. The Bulldog is a 1/3 scale remote control vehicle that sports a stadium truck body, 110cc four-stroke engine, disc brakes, automatic transmission, independent suspension and aluminum wheels. You can pilot the big R/C all day long behind a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter, but when that gets old, the Bulldog converts into a rideable ATV of sorts. Unfortunately, as the video after the jump demonstrates, controlling the vehicle by remote is not possible when there's a rider on the back of the Bulldog. In that mode, the rider controls the vehicles with handlebars. Nevertheless, imagining the fun we could have with an R/C car that's 4' 2" long and weighs nearly 200 pounds makes the mind reel. And when we're done we can just ride the damn thing home! Follow the jump to watch the video and see the Bulldog operating in both modes.

[Source: 3Z Scale via via BoingBoing]

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