Lamborghini Reventon - Click above for high-res gallery

When Lamborghini announced its Reventon luxury exotic with a production quota of 20 copies, we assumed the €1 million supercar would be snatched up quickly by the rich and hidden from the rest of the world. The 20 Reventons sold quickly, but it appears that the 650-hp bull-on-wheels drew as much interest from investors as it did the rich and famous.

European luxury site Jameslist currently has seven of the 20 Reventons produced for sale on its website, and all vehicles are priced to sell - at a hefty profit. The bargain basement Reventon will set you back a cool €1,250,000, and a top tag that reaches €1,500,000. Sure, a €250,000 (or more) premium is more than the cost of a well-equipped Gallardo, but if you're OK with spending €1,250,000 on a supercar, we don't think you'll lose any sleep over the extra cash.

[Source: Reuters]

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