Rumormill: Audi TT RS, RS5 coming Stateside

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2010 Audi TT RS

Audi's PR department has continued to toe the line that TT RS is not meant for Stateside consumption. However, MotorTrend's unnamed Audi insiders are saying the 335-hp coupe will make it to the U.S., albeit several months after its European introduction.

According to the report, Audi USA has decided to delay the introduction of the hottest TT so the new 265-hp TT S can gain traction in the U.S. – or more accurately, before the RS variant steals the show. But that's not all we have to look forward to.

The RS5 is still in the pipeline and MT pegs output of the 2+2 at around 500 hp, with a rear-bias Quattro system and a torque-vectoring rear differential joining upgraded brakes and a suitably aggressive body kit. We've already seen spy shots of the RS5 making runs around the 'Ring with its Bauhaus sibling, although there's still considerable debate about what lies under the hood, particularly after a video surfaced of the RS5 taking hot-laps around the Nordschleife.

While we're still suitably cautious about the TT RS' future in the States, Audi is considering bringing over the A4 Allroad – a model that was originally developed for our friends abroad – so there may be hope left for some more RS love in the U.S.

[Source: MotorTrend]

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