Earlier this decade, Smart decided to expand it's lineup with the addition of aroadster based on the original two-seat city car and a four-door, four-seat model. The ForFour was based on a front-engine, front drive Mitsubishi platform rather than the rear engine ForTwo architecture. AutoExpress is reporting that Smart may be getting ready to introduce a new four-seat variant, this time based on a stretched version of the existing model. The so-called ForTwo + 2 would be meant to compete more directly with the numerous small city cars coming from Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi and others in the next couple of years. Unlike most of the others, the ForTwo +2 would feature rear hinged back doors to ease access to the second row. The new model probably won't hit the market until 2012, but will almost certainly include an electric version along with the usual gas and diesel versions.
[Source: AutoExpress]

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