While we're working on our own shoot-out between the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and a yet-to-be-named contender, the crew at Inside Line put Hyundai's new rear-wheel-drive two-door against one of its strongest opponents: the Infiniti G37.

IL's 3.8-liter V6 Genesis Coupe tester came equipped with the Track pack, which includes a stiffer suspension, limited-slip differential, Brembo brakes and 19-inch wheels, along with the standard six-speed manual. The sticker? $30,375, or $6,625 less than a base model Infiniti G37. For the extra scratch, the Infiniti is a more luxurious package and carries a bit of badge snobbery, but performance and driver engagement are the metrics we're interested in and the Hyundai proved to be a serious contender.

The G is packing more power from less displacement (330 vs. 306 hp), a bit more torque (270 vs. 266 lb-ft) and revs higher (7,600 vs. 6,800 rpm). But it's also packing the pounds. The Infiniti tips the scales at 3,709 pounds, while the Genesis Coupe comes in just under 3,500 pounds.

IL performed its usual battery of tests, along with a dyno run, and deemed the G37 a better vehicle on the road from both a driving and livability standpoint, but gave props to the Genesis for its competence on the track and predictable handling characteristics. Both cars were remarkably close in the performance department, with the Hyundai taking the win on the skid-pad, while falling short on the sprint to 60, quarter-mile time and slalom run.

IL's conclusion: For two-thirds the cost of the Infiniti G37, the Genesis Coupe 3.8 gives you more bang for the buck and deserves a place on any enthusiast's short-list. Look out for our own review – including the 2.0T model – soon, but in the meantime, read IL's full comparo here.

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