AMG head honcho Volker Mornhinweg has already gone on record declaring that the horsepower wars are over, but that moratorium apparently doesn't extend to products already in the Mercedes-Benz pipeline.
Caught here wearing some modest camouflage is the next AMG E-class, dubbed "E63." As its alphanumeric nomenclature suggests, the E63 is expected to continue using the company's 6.3-liter V8 (okay, okay, so it's really a 6.2-liter, but "E62" just sounds so... pedestrian), the same basic engine that does duty in seemingly every other car in Benz's range. Not that we are complaining.

The eight-cylinder powertrain is expected to generate somewhere around 525 horsepower and a similar helping of torque, but AutoWeek says that it doesn't expect the car to use Mercedes' brake-by-wire technology, although ceramic discs may make an appearance.

A launch date for the big Merc is not yet set, but judging by how fresh the new E-class sedan and coupe are, AW figures that September's Frankfurt Motor Show is a safe bet. If that's the case, the new AMG will probably share stand space with the expected E-class convertible and wagon.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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