VIDEO: First glimpse of Hyundai Equus in motion

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Based on the credibility that Hyundai has managed to earn with its Genesis sedan and by how much we're looking forward to its sportier sibling, the Genesis Coupe, we have a good feeling about the upcoming Equus luxury sedan from the Korean automaker. The big question is whether the world – and the United States in particular – is ready for a Hyundai that costs upwards of $100K (okay, okay, so if a version does come Stateside, it'll doubtlessly be much less expensive).

While we contemplate the value proposition of a BMW 7 Series-fighter from Korea, we can all sit back and enjoy what's thought to be the first video footage of the new Equus in action, complete with an oddly suspenseful soundtrack. Judging from the horizontal slats in the big front grille, we'd guess that this particular model is powered by the same 3.8-liter V6 engine that able powers the Genesis sedan, as V8 versions will reportedly come with a vertically-oriented grille. Expect a Korean launch of the new Equus next month. Thanks for the tip, Genesis_COTY!

[Source: YouTube]


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