Don't screw it up -- the likely mantra of any conscientious valet. Beyond that imperative, what's a carhop to do when flipped the keys to something truly exotic? A Murcielago is, of course, impressive when parked, but sliding into the driver's seat for the first time can be intimidating. Where are all the controls? How the heck do you even put it into reverse? Exotics are not like other cars, and you'll certainly miss out on a tip if you crack up Michael Bolton's Lamborghini.

The Valet Spot is coming to the rescue of confused parkers everywhere. The site has launched a new resource section that offers instructions on how to wrangle various high-buck exclusive rides. So far there's not a lot of depth there, with instructions for driving the Bentley Continental, Rolls Royce Phantom and Lamborghini Gallardo, but we know the next time we get the chance to drive one of these cars, we'll have a place to turn so the auto transport guys don't laugh at us. Hat tip to Ian.

[Source: TheValetSpot, Photo by Paul Schreiber | CC2.0]

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