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If you just can't be bothered to park your Tesla, Luxe has you covered. In San Francisco and New York, at least.


Performance recorder catches thrill-seeking valet in the act

A man in California is among the first to catch a valet behaving badly in his 2015 Corvette using a controversial built-in recording feature.

The vehicle ended up in fifteen feet of water

If handing over your keys to a valet sparks trust issues, you might want to skip this video. The sight of this unfortunate owner's car bobbing in fifteen feet of sea water certainly won't make valets seem any more likable.

This valet with his head in the clouds ended up with a car in a wall

This valet's panicked realization of a runaway SUV shows he didn't have bad intentions, just poor concentration.

Young, inexperienced drivers often handle expensive cars and trucks

The wild joyride in a Porsche taken by a valet parker in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? The episode in Seinfeld in which a hygiene-challenged valet parker left a permanent stench in the car so foul that Jerry Seinfeld's character let the car be stolen? It turns out the stories of valet parkers in the movies and TV are pretty much true.

Valets burning all kinds of rubber -- Click above to watch video

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Imagine this scenario: You've gone out of town for whatever reason, driving your Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. (If we had a Gallardo, you'd bet that taking road trips would be high on the agenda). Anyway, you get to your hotel, surrender your supercar's keys to the valet, and go on with your business. When it's time to leave, they go to retrieve your car and ... it's gone. That nightmare is just what happened to Eric Vargosko when he took his droptop lambo to Atlanta's Intercontinental Hotel. The

Don't screw it up -- the likely mantra of any conscientious valet. Beyond that imperative, what's a carhop to do when flipped the keys to something truly exotic? A Murcielago is, of course, impressive when parked, but sliding into the driver's seat for the first time can be intimidating. Where are all the controls? How the heck do you even put it into reverse? Exotics are not like other cars, and you'll certainly miss out on a tip if you crack up Michael Bolton's Lamborghini.

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/offbeat_news/e_Frontier_Justice_Car_forum_posters_go_after_joyriding_valet_web_braggart'; You have a hot car. Your wallet is fat and you go places where self-parking is generally a foreign concept. When you have a Lamborghini Gallardo, the valet you toss the keys to will probably move it around six inches and leave it out front as eye candy for other arrivals. The risk, of course, is that said valet is an idiot who thinks Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a documenta