Every little bit helps, right? Most people reading this site are probably conscious of their eco-footprint at all times, whether working or at home. Besides being sound environmental thinking, eco-conscious actions also save money. Recently, the sinking global economy and the poor state of the American auto market have been forcing Chrysler to take a closer look at its day-to-day practices. For instance, Chrysler has turned the heat down from 72 degrees to 68 degrees at its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. In a slightly less common move, the automaker has also removed the majority of its wall-mounted clocks that run on batteries, saving an estimated $20,000 per year.
Other interesting money and energy-saving actions include cutting its Christmas decoration spending budget by $10,000 and removed half of the lightbulbs at its headquarters. Also, the top decks of five parking garages will no longer be cleared after it snows, which we imagine may be possible due to the major reductions in workforce that the automaker has recently made. Lastly, the main cafeteria saw its hours trimmed and the remaining food services stations were shut down.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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