With the days winding down until the Geneva Motor Show, more and more details are coming to the surface on the basket of delectable treats in store for us this year in Switzerland. The latest reports indicate that Bentley's new show car, a bio-fuel version of its Continental model, will pack an awesome 630 horsepower from its mulch-munching twin-turbo W12. That's a considerable 30 more horses than Bentley's current most powerful version, the Continental GT Speed, and the package promises to be enough to propel the renewable-fueled luxo-tank to sixty in four seconds flat.

Laughably, Crewe is also said to have removed the rear seats from the Extreme Bentley to save weight , which, when you consider the enormous heft of the Continental, isn't likely to make much of an impact. That said, we appreciate the gesture... and those 630 horses.

[Source: Autowereld via World Car Fans]

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