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Bentley has released a teaser video of its upcoming new "extreme" biofuel supercar, which we expect will use a version of the British firm's existing German-engineered twelve-cylinder engine adapted to run on ethanol. Although Bentley is trying hard to promote the green side of the flex-fuel equation, horsepower addicts will also find something to like from the new machine. Quite a bit more power can be extracted from ethanol when an engine has been properly tuned to run on the high-octane fuel, so it shouldn't be too surprising that the British automaker is claiming that its new coupe will be its most powerful production car ever, a title previously held by the 600-horsepower Continental GT Speed.

As with any flex-fuel engine, the car will be able to run on any mixture of gasoline and ethanol, and its on-board computer will adjust the timing to run properly and make as much power as possible. We're sure we'll get plenty more details before the car's official unveiling on March 3rd at the Geneva Motor Show, but for now, enjoy the video after the jump.


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