Hotted-up BMW X6 prototype spotted in Brooklyn - Next M?

You can see all sorts of things in Manhattan's boroughs, but camouflaged automaker mules aren't common. At least BMW's crazy whirl-filled disguise stands a chance of escaping notice in the hustle and bustle. GMInsideNews forum member GeneralMischief didn't walk by this extra-sinister X6 without realizing that something wicked is going on. Cameraphone shots of the exterior are all we have to go on at this point, but the conspicuous location of camo – on the front and rear fascias and on the front quarter panels - hints that an X6-M is in store.

The X6 XDrive 50i already has an M-division feel about it, with a 400 horsepower turbo V8 wallop and accompanying raucous exhaust note. Our imaginations reel with the thought of the M5's spectacular V10 finding its way into the X6's engine bay, but that's probably not going to happen. Most likely is a boost tweak for more power, revised suspension tuning, and more aggressive – yet still understated – bodywork. When it's a BMW wearing M badges, it's safe to assume power delivery akin to a solid rocket booster, backed up by handling that will make the X6's avoirdupois dance more gracefully than it already does. Maybe they will find a way to fix the V8's flinty ride while they're at it.

[Source: GMInsideNews Photos: GeneralMischief]

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