What's more exciting, the news that school buses in Minnesota were stalled, and that schools had to shut down, because of biodiesel and way too cold temperatures, or the reality that it wasn't the biodiesel that was causing the problem after all? The former, obviously, which is why that was what the always lame Fox TV commentator Glenn Beck used to prove a point when he said on air recently that, "Lawmakers put children's safety at stake because they don't want their buses to run on a politically incorrect kind of fuel.'' The Star-Tribune then editorialized against this sort of nonsense.

Remember, it came to light in late January that biodiesel was not at fault in the Bloomington School District closures. Domestic Fuel points out that while Beck may have made his point with gusto, he had "no explanation why this didn't happen at EVERY other school district that had the exact same [biodiesel] requirement."

[Source: Star-Tribune via Domestic Fuel]
Photo by danakosko. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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