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Formula One racing has implemented sweeping changes to its vehicles for the 2009 racing season. All cars will drive on slick tires, front and rear wing specifications have changed dramatically, and noses have grown. Changes have taken place in the powertrain department as well, with each car only receiving eight engines for the year, and all powerplants will be limited to 18,000 rpm.

These are but a few of the changes, and going into more detail can get a bit boring. Luckily, Red Bull Racing created a bang-up virtual tour of all of the changes in F1 for 2009. Hit the jump to view the video. Not only is the animation fantastic, but the short rundown is also extremely informative. As an added bonus, the video also expertly explains how a Kinetic Energy Recovery System can give drivers six seconds of burst per lap. Good stuff.

[Source: Red Bull Racing]


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