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With the first U.S.-spec Audi R8 FSI V10 going on the block in Boca Raton, earlier reports that the V10-powered supercar might not make it to the States have been debunked. Further proof that Audi isn't going to leave the U.S. out of the fun comes in the form of a directive to dealers (posted after the break thanks to one of our readers) that confirms the R8 V10 is on the way and, although pricing hasn't been officially announced, buyers can expect to pay approximately $45,000 more for the V10 model compared to its V8-powered counterpart.

The directive goes on to state that the R8 V10 will be sold in the States as a 2010 model and due to high demand for the current V8 variant, production of the V10 model cannot commence "as rapidly as anticipated in order to produce more V8 models to satisfy existing customer orders." Buyers who want to hold out from the V10 should expect a lead time of eight to ten months if demand and production of the R8 continues at its current rate.

All-New Audi R8 V10 Now Available for MY10 Orders Only
Feb 12, 2009 | Source: undefined | Author: Mark Ramsey

In reaction to overwhelming customer and press interest in the new Audi R8 5.2 FSI (V10) model that made its U.S. debut last month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, last week Audi of America announced to its dealer body the availability of the new R8 V10 for dealer ordering. The positive response and increased interest in the R8 model from dealers and customers following the release of the Order Guide has been consistent with our experience at the time of the original introduction of the V8 model. We would like to inform you of the latest developments regarding the expansion of the R8 model line-up.

R8 4.2 FSI (V8)
Worldwide demand for the R8 V8 model remains very strong, resulting in continued constraints in factory production due to the hand assembly required for each vehicle. The implications of this strong demand and significant order bank is that the factory cannot commence the ramp-up of V10 production as rapidly as anticipated in order to produce more V8 models to satisfy existing customer orders.

R8 5.2 FSI (V10)
U.S. production of dealer orderable R8 V10 models will begin as Model Year 2010. Pricing is not yet firm for the R8 V10; however, it is expected the price differential compared to the V8 model will be approximately $45,000 for a typical fully equipped car. Deliveries of the first V10 models are anticipated to be subject to a lead time of 8-10 months from now, related to factory capacity.

Action Requested
To enable Audi of America to secure each highly sought after R8 V8 and V10 production position that becomes available, dealers are requested to enter their orders for each model as soon as possible so that sufficient parts and engines can be secured for U.S. production, and lead times for made-to-order vehicles are minimized.

Audi of America understands the challenges dealers face in being able to satisfy your customers' wishes with these unique models. We hope this brief update is helpful information for you and your customers.

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