Yamaha. I hear the name and hope the news is about zippy electric scooters. The truth is, though, that the Japanese manufacturer also builds bicycles, and some of these bicycles have electric motors to assist the person pushing the pedals. This month, the company is releasing three new models, each using 25V / 4 Ah Lithium batteries: the PAS Lithium S (pictured above), the PAS CITY-S and the PAS CITY-F. Priced at $1,200 in Japan, the only difference between the three models is their wheel sizes and trim details. The bikes offer less-stressed-out riders three different ranges, depending on riding style: 21 km (14 miles) in power mode, 39 km (24 mi) in standard mode or up to 67 km (42 mi) in eco mode.

[Source: Yamaha via Crunchgear]

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