Click above for high-res shots of the electric KTM dirtbike

Sounds like KTM might beat Honda to market as the first major manufacturer with an electric two-wheeler on offer. Currently, there are a couple of players in the off-road EV market in Quantya and Zero Motorcycles, and KTM is set to join them in 2010 with what it's calling a race ready dirtbike. With a weight of under 200 pounds, top-level suspension components and nearly 30 lb-ft of torque that will be available from a dead stop, we think they're on to something here.

Not only will the electric dual sport bike produce zero emissions, but it will also be nearly silent. These two important attributes will open the sport up to a ton of people that would otherwise be unable to enjoy the hobby. On-board lithium ion batteries will provide about 40 minutes of hard riding, and likely a good deal more if you're just playing around. Next question: How much?

[Source: Hell For Leather]

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