Super Bowl commercials always generate buzz, and this year, Hyundai's going to have company in the automotive sector. Bridgestone signed Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head for one of two commercials that will air during the big game, and a teaser video offers a tantalizing glimpse of what we'll be seeing as we gulp down nachos and wings. The February 1st event will be the Potato Heads first outing in a Super Bowl ad. Out for a little bit of top-down motoring in their Pontiac Solstice, the starchy couple suddenly find themselves bearing down on a pack of sheep in the road. We'll have to tune in to the halftime show to see if it ends with mashed potatoes, but for now, at least there are cool behind-the-scenes videos to watch (after the jump).

In a second commercial, a pair of astronauts tear around some other planet in a hot rod moon-buggy. Again, we'll have to tune in for the answer to the question "Whats the hottest thing on four wheels?" While the Tater spot has the big-name talent, we're more intrigued by what otherworldly treat might be in store for us when the answer to Bridgestone's question is revealed. This is the second year Bridgestone has advertised during the Super Bowl, and the company is also sponsoring the halftime show with Bruce Springsteen. Looks like we'll have to make that halftime break a quick one. Teaser spots and behind the scenes videos posted after the jump

[Source: Bridgestone]


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