Title: Syncronicity

Company: Volkswagen

Why We Like It: Have you ever sat at a stoplight in a line of traffic and wondered if the lights in front of you would all blink at the same time? Someone at Volkswagen had this internal dialogue and was able to capture it in a fascinating commercial. A brief moment in time allows for a complete alignment of the universe, where everything is in step to a catchy tune by Master Cylinder. We know it's impossible, but it's fun.

Title: 944

Company: Porsche

Why We Like It: Porsche's 944 had a difficult time finding its place amongst those who believed real Porsches had their engines in the back (the new 944 had its engine in front, like most sedans, SUVs and even sports cars of today). So in order to prove the vehicle still had the chops to compete against the world's best, Porsche set their 944 in a lurid, tire-smoking slow motion film with a dramatic take on Jimmie Hendrix's "Purple Haze" playing in the background. Did it help to sell more Porsches? All signs point to yes, as the 944 was very successful for the company and was produced from 1982 to 1991.

Title: Don't Forget

Company: Porsche

Why We Like It: If you think of the car companies who have really stuck to their guns through the years, Porsche would be one of them. In debuting their new 911 (design changes on the iconic sports car come at an almost glacial pace), the company rightly recognized their own rich history and tradition. Despite a fair amount of dramatic intent, the commercial stirs an emotional reaction inside each of us and brings us back to a time when we were young. There's something pure about that feeling and, as Porsche hopes, the feeling could be extended to the 911 itself.

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