Battle of the Auto__s: Jaguar supercar rumors refuted

A couple of weeks back we reported on an ongoing debate between British automotive sites Autocar and AutoExpress over the emergence of a new Jaguar sportscar. While the former reported that Jaguar was to supplement the existing XK line with a smaller variant, likely named XE, the latter issued claims that the new model would be positioned above the XK with an engine placed behind. A third source, AutoWeek, has now thrown its hat into the ring, refuting AutoExpress' supercar reports and running instead with Autocar's idea of a smaller sportscar.

According to AutoWeek's man in the UK, rumors of a successor to the XJ220 are purely fantastical speculation, citing unnamed inside sources while noting quite rationally that something closer to the Porsche Boxster would make more business sense than a supercar in the Audi R8 mold. Who'll be vindicated in the Battle of the Auto___s? Time will tell, while here at Autoblog we'll contribute this much: why not build both? Wishful thinking to be sure, but if Jaguar hopes to take on Germany's best, they're going to need a wider range – and a halo car – to do it.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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