North Dakota state rep. Lisa Wolf (D-Minot) has sponsored, with bipartisan support, an "emergency measure" in the legislature that if passed, could save ND car buyers some pretty decent money. The proposed legislation would eliminate the state's motor vehicle sales, excise, and use taxes on new rides purchased before June 30, 2010. Oh, yeah: there's a significant catch -- the tax break would only apply to vehicles from the Detroit 3. Tax breaks as a stimulus? No-brainer. But in this case, it's probably not music to the ears of Wolf's fellow North Dakotans who happen to own automobile dealerships that sell non-Detroit-brand vehicles. Politically, it seems counterintuitive for a group of lawmakers (who presumably hope to be re-elected someday) to effectively screw some local constituent business owners in favor of others, all in the name of ultimately helping Detroit.
[Source: AP via Say Anything]

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