Chrysler made quite a splash with its surprise unveiling last Sunday of their classy-looking 200C EV. The range-extended electric drive vehicle is capable of 40 gas-free miles and seemed a cut or two above most of their current line up - it also revealed that Chrysler still has some talented designers hidden away somewhere. In footage that the company has released onto the internets, we now have a chance to hear from some of those designers speak about their vision and the goals they tried to achieve in bringing this concept from paper to the spotlights of the Detroit Auto Show.

The video comes in three clips. The first features design vice-president Ralph Gilles and exterior designer Nick Malachowski talking about "value" and "falling in love" (with the car) interspersed with detail shots as well as rolling footage. The second clip discusses the inside with several folks involved with creating the somewhat futuristic interior, including Ryan Patrick Joyce, the lead designer, who also drops the L-word in describing the contents of each surface and line. If you prefer not to hear the artists blather on and on discuss their passion, feel free to skip ahead to the third video featuring pure 200C EV, inside and out. Hit the jump for all the love.

[Source: Chrysler]

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