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And now for something completely different. If designer Tan Sohanpall set out to create a new concept vehicle that shared little in common with other accepted designs, then he succeeded. Sure, there have been three-wheeled vehicles since the early dawn of transportation, but few if any have ever featured two wheels on one side and one with a wider contact patch on the other. We have serious doubts as to whether this arrangement would actually work in the real world, but as a concept it's pretty cool. The Enigma is intended to be a car for thrill-seekers, and it looks the part.

Other unique bits include a single-occupant driver compartment that slides rearward at high speeds and a tilting body that could theoretically lean into turns. There's no indication of what would actually power the Enigma, but it looks like some sort of turbine or ducted fan arrangement. Interesting? Undoubtedly. Realistic? Not so much, but so what? As a concept, we love its asymmetric audacity.

[Source: Car Body Design]

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