Short Circuit: Farbio releases GT350 Track Day Car

With increasing restrictions and constricting traffic hampering driver's good times, many are looking to organized track days as an outlet for speedy thrills. This is especially true in the UK, where independent supercar manufacturer Farbio is based. And with that growing niche market in mind, Farbio has taken some weight out of its GTS supercar to give birth to its own Track Day Car.

Yes, that is its official name, and no, it's not very imaginative. But we have a feeling anyone who gets their hands on the car's steering wheel won't particularly care what it's called. From the standard GTS350 Supercharged, with its forced-induction 350hp 3.0-liter V6, Farbio has stripped out the interior, replaced the fuel tank with a sack, and fitted a new transmission and limited-slip differential as well as semi-slick Toyo R888 racing rubber. The more powerful GTS450 can also be ordered in Track Day Car specification, but Farbio will only build 25 examples in all, starting at £73,500 (equivalent to $112k USD) before optional extras. Farbio released only the one photo you see above (along with a press release you'll find after the jump), but you can check out the standard GTS in the gallery below.

[Source: Farbio] PRESS RELEASE

2009 Track Day Car

Farbio Sports Car are delighted to announce, new for 2009, their lightweight Track Day Car, weighing in at a nimble 956kg with 350 bhp, giving a phenomenal 366 bhp/ton power to weight ratio!

This model is a limited edition of 25 cars and is based on the GTS350 Supercharged model with intercooler and upgraded injectors.

The car is sold as a base unit and has a list of options to customise the car, as it has been designed with a minimalist interior specification to maximise weight reduction.

The car retains its carbon fibre body and has the addition of a fuel bag tank, uprated gearbox with limited slip differential, dry sump and low profile Toyo R888 tyres.

The Track Day Car will be road legal unless it is built specifically for racing i.e. with the inclusion of the FIA approved roll cage.

Higher engine options are available for the serious racing enthusiast, with the potential of 450 bhp, giving a staggering power to weight ratio of 471 bhp/ton!

All cars are made to order to the individual's specification.

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