While GM may be hurting at home, its Chevrolet brand is breaking sales records in the UK. Fueled by its Daewoo-derived small cars, such as the redesigned Aveo "supermini" and the Matiz, the bow-tied brand enticed Brits to buy 18,372 of its vehicles in total in 2008. While that's only 16 units more than it moved the previous year, consumers in 2007 didn't face the credit availability challenges they do now. Chevrolet also debuted the Epica family sedan (also of South Korean extraction) this year which helped pad sales.

Although the volume isn't overwhelming (its market share has moved to a hair below 1 per cent), it is worth noting that the Chevrolet brand is still somewhat new, having been introduced in 2005. The UK totals are also part of a larger, European sales picture which set its own record of over 500,000 vehicles last annum. Marketing chap Mark Terry remains optimistic for 2009. Says he, "...while 2009 won't be easy for any car manufacturer, we think Chevrolet's reputation for astounding value and durable, high quality cars will have great appeal in a market where people are keeping a closer eye than ever on their motoring costs." That's the sprit! Stiff upper lip and all that.

[Source: Chevrolet UK]

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