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Autogas Chevrolet Matiz Concept = LPG for the masses

Click above for a high-res gallery of the fahgmitgas Matiz LPG Concept

Chevrolet offers free LPG conversions in Germany

More good news for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) fans. Chevrolet in Germany is offering free LPG conversions in certain models. According to Chevrolet, this will help German drivers by saving them up to €10,800 at the pump between 2008 to 2018. 2018 is the year that all tax reductions for LPG will be finished. A similar tax policy as in play in neighboring France. The German offer applies to the Matiz, Aveo, Lace

Chevrolet facelifts the Matiz mini-car

When General Motors took over a controlling interest in South Korea's Daewoo Motors a few years ago, one of the vehicles they inherited was the tiny Matiz. Prior to the buyout, Daewoo had begun selling their vehicles in the European market but GM decided to rebrand the Daewoos as Chevrolets in Europe and other markets outside of Korea.

Chevy Matiz blooms in Britain

The car above was once a garden-variety Chevrolet Matiz. Then, British celeb florist Paula Pryke got her hands on it. Bouts of madness and wanton flower-slaying ensued, and that's how the Chevrolet Matiz "Car In Bloom" was born.